Welcome to my blog fellas! This is my official web-blog… A place to share the things that may sometimes unimportant… Blogging is one way of releasing all things inside my mind and to keep all the bitter sweet memories in life… (I always have fun reading my own journal, esp. the old-old one) *isn’t this a sign of narcism? lol :D *

I’m SuperMom hehe *ding dong, a sign of narcism again haha*… Yeaaah, I’m still far a way being a “perfect mother” (or at least a good mom), so I’m still working on it. And beside being a mom for my beloved son Muhammad Zavier Athar Syah and a wife for my beloved husband… I also an employee, a master’s student, an enterpreneur, traveller, and dreamer xixixixi :P looks very much at all yups? but I love all this stuff ❤❤❤

I love dreaming and learn new thing… The most world i love are engineering, writing, broadcasting and go out for pleasure (this the most! :P)

Born in Tasikmalaya, Dec 14th hmmm year? Age? doesn’t matter! :) *Born at the same year with Agnes Monica n Now known well as Agnes Montana* (lahhh kok menyandingkan diri dengan Agnes? :D )

I holds a Bachelor of Information Technology from Institute of Technology Telkom but lately change to Telkom University and now like i say before, I’m undergoing master studies at Bogor Agricultural University.

I speaks Bahasa, Sundanesse and English. I don’t have a good writing skill, just write whatever goes in my mind, please bear with my broken English (I’m practicing). Sometimes I will write in English, not to be look cool and smart… but  to enhance my (BAD) English  and grammar skills. Most of the time I will write in Indonesian.

I love making new friends (that’s why I find out that blogging is so much fun), sooooo this blog is a place to make friends, I hope we can get along and be good friends hoho!

The last but not least, I’m an easy going person… so you may comment on whatever you think about me here, or  just to say Hi… ;)



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